The Approved Watchman

The Approved Watchman is an engaging analysis of a variety of Bible subjects that many Christians agree on as well as those that are hotly debated. Students (who need no prior experience in a study group) will learn beautiful truths about Jesus Christ in all these many Bible subjects.


About the Course

In this engaging course we will study and encounter a range of Bible subjects, from current and future prophetic world events, to heaven, death, immortality and hell, along with studies on the Sabbath, God’s church of prophecy, developing a friendship with God and other key studies in Daniel and Revelation. Aside from providing a practical understanding of the Bible, this course offers a personal time for the Holy Spirit to speak clarity and understanding from His word, the Bible, to each student.

Some people may wish to take these studies as much to better understand the God of the Bible by beholding His wisdom and beauty through these study guides as to gain a sure foundation on truth. Students do not need to have any prior knowledge of these Bible subjects, just a heart open to God’s leading. The Bible is the textbook and the Holy Spirit is the Instructor.

A word to the wise: “The Bible should never be studied without prayer. The Holy Spirit alone can cause us to feel the importance of those things easy to be understood, or prevent us from wresting truths difficult of comprehension. It is the office of heavenly angels to prepare the heart to so comprehend God’s Word that we shall be charmed with its beauty, admonished by its warnings, or animated and strengthened by its promises. We should make the psalmist’s petition our own: 'Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.’” The Review and Herald, January 10, 1907

Each lesson will consist of a series of questions followed by supporting Bible verses to answer each question along with an occasional historical fact and other notes of interest.





Course at a Glance

web-lesson-aw-01-how-will-the-world-end.jpg web-lesson-aw-02-how-can-we-tell-the-future.jpg web-lesson-aw-03-a-one-world-government.jpg
web-lesson-aw-04-earth's-final-generation.jpg web-lesson-aw-05-preview-of-the-coming-age.jpg web-lesson-aw-06-invisible-forces-behind-the-scenes.jpg
web-lesson-aw-07-you-can-be-a-new-person.jpg web-lesson-aw-08-you-can-be-a-friend-of-God.jpg web-lesson-aw-09-what-happens-when-people-die.jpg
web-lesson-aw-10-what-is-a-soul.jpg web-lesson-aw-11-secret-of-immortality.jpg web-lesson-aw-12-questions-on-hell.jpg
web-lesson-aw-13-mystery-of-godliness.jpg web-lesson-aw-14-worlds-greatest-time-prophecy.jpg web-lesson-aw-15-revelation-unseals-daniels-prophecy.jpg
web-lesson-aw-16-cleaning-of-the-sanctuary.jpg web-lesson-aw-17-give-your-heart-to-christ.jpg web-lesson-aw-18-treasure-in-the-temple.jpg
web-lesson-aw-19-remember-now-thy-creator.jpg web-lesson-aw-20-Gods-commandments-remain-unchanged.jpg web-lesson-aw-21-winds-waves-and-beasts-of-the-sea.jpg
web-lesson-aw-22-the-beast-of-revelation.jpg web-lesson-aw-23-sign-of-loyalty.jpg web-lesson-aw-24-day-to-remember.jpg
web-lesson-aw-25-gods-claim-upon-your-body.jpg web-lesson-aw-26-christian-and-the-world.jpg web-lesson-aw-27-recognizing-gods-ownership.jpg
web-lesson-aw-28-gods-special-people.jpg web-lesson-aw-29-spirit-of-prophecy.jpg web-lesson-aw-30-testing-the-gifts.jpg
web-lesson-aw-31-when-all-religions-unite.jpg web-lesson-aw-32-when-you-hear-his-voice.jpg  


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