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Our live streaming worship service is generally available on Wednesdays at 7PM and on Saturdays beginning at 12:00PM, Eastern Time.


Pentecost 2020 is an online gospel crusade streaming live beginning August 21, 2020, and enabling millions of people to hear the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.
Check out our "home base" for the latest updates. Register for the program, download sharing materials, sign-up a host site, and much more.
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Please invite your friends and neighbors to watch this special global crusade. And pray for the Lord's special anointing on this series. He's promised that if He is lifted up that He will draw His people.


P.S. Can you help further the outreach of Pentecost 2020? If so, please donate here.



Nov 19 - Local Dial-in Numbers List

Nov 19 - Special Announcement Call with Stephen D. Lewis

Nov 24 - 10 Day Fasting and Prayer Guidelines and Readings


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