Sponsor a TV or Radio Broadcast

Many sincere listeners and viewers of The Present Truth have been blessed by our media ministry and have answered the call to send this gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ around the world! How? By providing for the cost of air time. Truly it is because of such dedicated sponsors that this last-day message has been heard in more and more cities around the world. Do you feel a call to sponsor The Present Truth on a radio or television station? You can!

Contact the station that would most likely air the program in your area and ask them how you can put Stephen D. Lewis' sermons, under the title "The Present Truth" (30 minutes or 1 hour) on your local public access station at little or no cost to you. Then call us to arrange for programming to be sent.


Whether you embark on this mission alone or you join with your church group in sponsoring the air time, know that you are playing a big part in the salvation of souls. Take a moment to give God this mission and ask Him to bless your efforts with success.


For more information on how you can put The Present Truth on the air send email to media@thepresenttruth.org or call 661-274-2390.


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