"The Beast" Draws Large Numbers

July 30, 2015

The Orchard Park Church's Inspire Chattanooga! Crusade with guest evangelist Stephen D. Lewis wrapped up its 11th night, gathering a large crowd of people eager to learn more about Jesus in another exciting and practical Bible study.

In addition, remote individuals were able to join in on the free-admission, community event via web broadcast.

During last night's meeting, Lewis shared a message titled, "The Mark of the Beast," based on Revelation 13, and reminded the attendees that the Bible's prophecies have been recorded for two reasons.

"Prophecy's purpose is to show where God's people are in time and to show that God's word, the Bible, is authentic and can be trusted," Lewis said.

Following a deep and intense study that went back and forth mainly between the books of Revelation and Daniel, Lewis asked the attendees to raise their hands if they understood what the mark of the beast's authority is and was greeted with all hands raised in acknowledgement.

Those who attended the meeting along with remote participants were encouraged to study the free resources that were given to them and to seek God for direction to know His will and to learn how to obey Him.

Tomorrow's 7 PM meeting and Saturday's 11 AM meeting will conclude this thrilling two-week series. Both meetings can be viewed live online.

Lewis serves as the president of The Present Truth in Huntsville, Ala., with the purpose to proclaim Jesus Christ's warning message of love to as many people as possible, to win and revive commitments to Him, and to vindicate God's character before the world.



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