The Need of Love

February 19, 2010

The question with each of one of us should be, "How do I stand in spiritual things?" Brethren, do you feel the power of present truth upon your hearts, sanctifying your lives and characters? Are you winning souls to God? When you see one fall in his weakness by the way, do you hasten to him, to strengthen and help him? Do you bow down and plead with God in behalf of his soul? It is said that at one time an infidel came to argue the question of his unbelief with Mr. Moody. The evangelist said to the unbeliever, "Let us pray before we talk of these matters;" and they bowed down, and while Mr. Moody prayed, God changed the man's heart. It was God that wrought where argument would have failed. Let us work upon this plan, and pray for one another, bringing one another right into the presence of God by living faith. The Lord knows all the thoughts and feelings of the heart; and how easily he can melt us, how his spirit, like a fire, can subdue the flinty heart, and, like a hammer, can break the rock into pieces! How he can fill the soul with love and tenderness! How he can give us the graces of his Spirit, and fit us to go in and out, in laboring for souls! This power should be felt in the church today, and it would be felt, if we would but take heed to the doctrines and instructions of Christ. And when Jesus shall come in unto you, he will sweetly say, "Peace be unto you." He will not give such peace as the world gives; but the peace that passes all understanding. And with the peace of Christ in you, when you see a brother falling away, you will be enabled to say just the right thing at the right time. You will be a skillful workman, that need not be ashamed.

God has set a price on the souls of men. He says, "I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir." Now if a man is so precious in the sight of God, how should he stand in the estimation of his fellow men? Is Jesus ashamed of us today, because we are so far from representing him to the world? Is he ashamed to call us brethren, because we are seeking our own glory, instead of the glory of God? God has done so much for us. What are we doing for Christ, and for each other?  {Review and Herald, August 28, 1888}


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