May 21, 2011 Prediction

May 23, 2011

All over the world there are thousands who would have never considered God who are watching to see if there'll be a great rapture tomorrow. It has been predicted that tomorrow, May 21, 2011, at six p.m., there'll be massive earthquakes and those who are prepared to be meet Christ will be taken. The same person predicted this in 1994 or 1996. I believe it was 1994 and nothing happened, so the world says. But I believe something happened.

We know that the coming of the Lord didn't take place. But what took place is God's special remnant began to carry a deeper guilt. Not the type of guilt where their conscience is troubled, but the guilt where they'd be responsible for not doing more to alert the world of the Three Angels' Messages that have been handed to us. And upon receiving that, God believed that we would be so faithful that he likened us to angels, and the faithfulness of angels.

Its very sad that we could have possibly come in contact with someone, by either knocking on their door, sharing in a grocery store, sharing in a mall, or sharing on the job, that could be deceived so badly that they'll give up on everything that is godly. I do know that, while people will laugh tomorrow, and while they'll receive much ridicule, that we're responsible for being on this earth in this day and hour; that Jesus wanted to come long ago.

The link to the quotes read on Friday night's telephone devotional are here.



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